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    Frederique Constant is a manufacturer of luxury wristwatches that was founded in 1988 by a Dutch entrepreneur, Peter Stas, and his wife, Aletta Stas-Bax. The company acquired Alpina Watches, a manufacturer of Swiss sports watches founded in 1883. Known for its elegant designs and mechanical precision, the Frederique Constant watches are luxurious, but they do not come with super-expensive price tags. The company and its owners pride themselves on a quality and price ratio which makes a Frederique Constant Geneve watch an excellent value for their money. You’ll notice while looking at our Frederique Constant online store that the quality of their watches has stayed constant though the years.
    Discover the timeless elegance of a Frederique Constant automatic watch, crafted with precision and sophistication, perfect for those seeking refined horological excellence.
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