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Introduction to Watches at an Online Store

According to the results of a survey rolled out during the first quarter of 2024 among high-net-worth individuals - around one in five respondents aged between 18 and 39 in North America have purchased multiple luxury watches over the past year. In addition, 58 percent of people in this age group made a single luxury watch purchase in the same period.

These numbers were lower in the older age group. We could say that this is attributed to the rise of online shopping, where younger age groups could be more open to buying a watch online.

Nevertheless, the internet is a huge retail window for buying a watch, for all age groups. 

This is exciting for all watch lovers, as finding a beautiful watch has never been more convenient. 

If you’re excited and want to learn more, read on.

Types of Watch Online Stores

  • Luxury watch retailers. Easily find high-end, luxury watches from prestigious brands like Rolex, and Patek Philippe at these types of stores. A store like Watches & Beyond is an example.
  • Brand-specific online stores. These are official online stores run by watch brands themselves.
  • Fashion watch retailers. For those looking for stylish and affordable watches, this can be found at a fashion watch retailer. They focus on trendy and fashion-forward watch designs.
  • Department stores' online watch sections. Some major department stores will have a dedicated online section for watches, catering to all types of buyers.
  • Marketplace platforms. From budget to luxury, new to pre-owned, a variety of watches can be found on one of these platforms, featuring a range of independent sellers.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Watch

  • Draw a budget. Watches come in a wide array of price points. While it may be nice to look at all types of watches from high-end to low-end, you’ll probably save some time if you put down a budget first. 
  • Determine your lifestyle. Where will you be wearing your watch? If you’re in business meetings all day, then a dress watch would suit the occasion. If you live an active lifestyle, then a sports watch would be better. Of course, you don’t have to be defined by this, but it does help to decide so you don’t end up with an unsuitable watch.
  • Uncover your style. If you know what your favorite fashion style is, then this can help you find a watch that will suit you, and all your daily outfits. For instance, you could have a style that’s minimalist, technical, or flashy. Another example is if you love dark colors, like black or navy- then you might want a darker watch too. If your look is sporty, a watch with a rubber band might be a good option. 
  • Look at features. What do you want in a watch? You should look at a watch with different types of functionality, and features that catch your eye. This will make you love your watch even more.
  • Look at the different brands and types of watches. Generally, there are different categories of watches like sports, casual, or dress watches. Once you find an ideal category, then you can explore different brands. Some top brands include Seiko, Tissot, Hamilton, Oris, or Rolex. Longines is also a great mid-level Swiss brand. There are many more.
  • Keep maintenance in mind. When buying a watch, you should be prepared to be able to look after it properly. Generally speaking, a quartz watch needs the battery replaced every two to five years. You can keep a good quartz watch for decades and it will likely run fine if the batteries are changed regularly. (Of course, brands vary here.) Then an automatic watch should be serviced every five years or so. A specialized service can be from $50, just something to consider. It’s also possible to get a reliable, attractive automatic for well under $1000. Some brands like Seiko make autos for under $100 can go for decades without service.
  • Love your watch. This is most important. You can go through all the different reviews and styles under the sun about what makes a good watch. But you should get one that feels good on your wrist, and will suit you for years to come. For example, if you love dress watches, then don’t force yourself to own a sports watch that you might not like.

Top Brands and Their Signature Styles

  • Rolex: This brand is a status of pure luxury, commonly known to supply robust dive watches (Submariner), iconic chronographs (Daytona), and classic dress watches (Date just).
  • Omega: Known to combine technological innovation with classic design.
  • Breitling: Specializes in aviation and divers watches.
  • Seiko: Combines traditional Japanese artistry with watchmaking.
  • Longines: These feature classic and elegant designs, and can be quite minimalist. 

2024 Trends in Watch Fashion

  • Steel sports watches. These give both a sporty and elegant look. 
  • Vintage. Smaller shapes, ‘burnt’, sunburst colors, and retro detailing are in fashion.
  • Green dials. 5 years ago, it was blue dials that bloomed, and now it’s green dials. 
  • Small watches. The trend is shifting away from huge cases toward a more diminutive style. The Michele Sidney Classic Stainless Steel Mother-of-Pearl Dial Diamonds Women’s Watch is an example of a smaller-looking watch.

Fashion and Style: Pairing Watches with Outfits

To make a stylish statement, certain types of watches pair well with certain outfits. Since summer is here, it’s time to get your summer outfits out. Shorts, polo shirts, summer dresses, and sandals will be in style soon, so why not complete your outfit with the perfect summer watch? If you’re taking a summer vacation, dive watches are suitable for beach and poolside wear, because they’re water-resistant. And they can be vibrant too - perfect for summer! Then you get field watches which are light and rugged, that will look great with outdoor clothing. Casual watches have colorful and fun designs that match the relaxed vibe of summer, as well.

Buying Guideline and Customer Service Tips

When you follow these buying guidelines, you can make a better purchasing decision:

  • Research reputable brands and compare prices.
  • Make sure the watch fits well and has the desired features. 
  • Ensure it comes with an authenticity certification, and offers a solid warranty and return policy. 
  • For customer service, use pre-purchase support like live chat, ensure secure payment options, and read customer reviews about the seller and brand.

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